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Crystal Hall Arena - Overlay

1st European Games - Baku 2015

In a city like Baku, it had to make use and take advantage of those existing buildings with the right features to host the first European Games. So the Crystal Hall has been conceived as a temporary building to host the Eurovision Song Contest. Our mission has been to adapt and renovate the building to host the Boxing, Volleyball, Karate, Fencing and Taekwondo competitions.

The adaptation has required different strategies as the introduction of a new set of temporary stands; a new layout for indoor spaces and the construction of a new “link” building where develop the management and support activities during the competition.

The overlay has been carried out in a very tight timeframe. With severity and effectiveness, the result shows the great ability of the team, not only in the project, but also in the execution of the work.


Baku, Azerbaijan


Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan


124.000 m²


Completed 2015

Project Programme

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