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European Games Park

1st European Games - Baku 2015

The organization of the First European Games in Baku had to face, as well as many other major sports events, the problem of providing adequate facilities for some sports that only exceptionally require a high number of spectators.

Next to the Aquatic Centre plot area, the organizers of the European Games in Baku found the ideal place to locate buildings which, on a temporary basis, would host sports such as water polo, beach volleyball, beach soccer and 3×3, placing them around a Sports Park.

The temporary nature of these sports facilities is clearly expressed through the selection of materials and building solutions characteristic of ephemeral architecture.

Thus, along with the removable stands surrounding the fields of play of every sports, we accommodate the areas required so that the competitions are carried out in the best conditions.

Dressing rooms, office areas, meeting rooms, VIPs lounges, etc. have been arranged using containers which adapt their strict measures and limitations to each of the assigned functions. They are grouped according to height and floor by means of a structural grid set up with pillars, beams and metal slabs.

A careful choice of PVC fabric of different colours contributes to establish a formal and chromatic sense of unity that brings out the whole.


Baku, Azerbaijan


Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan


136.000 m²


Completed 2015

Project Programme

Beach Volleyball Arena:
   Seating Capacity: 3.600 seats

   4 Competition Courts
   2 Warm up Courts

Water Polo Arena:

   Seating Capacity: 2.500 seats
   2 Swimming Pools


Basketball 3 x 3 Arena:
   Seating Capacity: 3.200 seats

   4 Competition Courts

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