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Baku Sports Museum

After the broad participation of Studio Pujol Sadovski in several venues for the First European Games, we have been selected by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, to design the new Baku Sports Museum.

The building is the first stage in a renovation process of the Ministry headquarters. The final stage foresees the combination of these two buildings in the plot.

The museum creates a new urban square that gives access to the indoor atrium. From there we can reach the permanent exhibition in the upper levels and the temporary exhibitions in the lower level. The store and the restaurant complete the services offered to the public.

The museum floats over a podium and is designed as a singular volume, expressed by its curved geometry. The ramp links the permanent exhibition areas while becomes the reason for represent the idea of movement.


Baku, Azerbaijan


Ministry of Youth and Sports


5200 m2


Under construction (2019)

Project Programme

Permanent Exhibition rooms

Temporary Exhibition room

Cafe Bar & Gift Shop

Administration and museum offices

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