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CIGM - Centre Sportif de Malley

"Fenêtre sur les Alpes"

The project proposes a very concise building, complex and simple at the same time, that, in spite of its big size, is able to blend with the surrounding buildings and contributes to revitalize the district of Malley. The project follows four main guidelines:

  • To solve the problems that poses the installation of a large sports complex.

  • To fulfil all functional and technical requirements for each of the sports facilities. One of them was to keep the location of the already existing ice rink

  • To make an unified ensemble that meets the special conditions of the plot and the urban complexity of its environment.

  • To allow a building process by stages, always within the expected deadlines and on budget.


Lausanne, Switzerland


Centre Intercommunal de Glace de Malley SA

In partnership with

Bonell i Gil Arquitectes, Atellier Cube


41,580 m²


Competition 2015

Project Programme

Arena for ice hockey and leisure activities

Indoor and outdoor training rinks for ice hockey

Indoor swimming pool 50x25 m

Diving and leisure pool

Fitness, spa, saunas, solarium and other facilities


Administration building

Seating capacity

Arena 10,000

Swimming pool 1,500

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