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Company Profile

Studio Pujol Sadovski is an architecture studio based in Barcelona specializing in the design of sports and leisure facilities. SPS has been designing sports facilities for many years now, and it has outstanding experience in designing large-scale swimming pools and aquatic centres.

The studio has designed and built all over Spain, and more than a decade ago it expanded its activity to other countries, where it currently does virtually all its work.
In recent years the studio has taken part in designing emblematic buildings such as the Danube Arena, the venue for the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest (2017), the Olympic Aquatics Stadium (OAS) for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and it designed 13 sports venues for the Baku 2015 European Games, including the new Baku Aquatic Palace.

As part of the services it offers, the studio provides architectural design services and consultancy services at every stage of the project.

The most outstanding design projects currently being undertaken are the competition for the Paris 2024 Olympic Aquatics Centre (OAC), the venues for the 19th FINA World Championships in Fukuoka (2021) and the Museum of Sports in Baku.

The three founding partners of SPS, Joaquin Pujol, Ruth Pujol and Filipp Ramirez Sadovski, are considered to be three of the greatest experts in swimming pools and aquatic centres in the world, forming part of renowned groups of experts such as “UIA Sports” or the “IAKS Swimming Pool Expert Circle”. Moreover, Joaquin Pujol is currently the FINA Facilities Committee Chairman.

With regard to consultancy work, in recent years the studio has worked as a consultant on virtually all the major swimming events, including the Olympic Games in Paris (2024), Tokyo (2020) and Rio de Janeiro (2016); the FINA World Championships in Fukuoka (2021), Gwangju (2019), Budapest (2017) and Kazan (2015), and the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Abu Dhabi (2020) and Hangzhou (2018). 

The firm was founded by Joaquin Pujol in 1996 as Pujol Arquitectura, but over the years it has evolved, and in 2018 the decision was taken to refound the company as Studio Pujol Sadovski, to reflect the vital contributions made by Ruth Pujol and Filipp Ramirez Sadovski since they joined the studio.


Baku Aquatic Palace
1st European Games
Baku 2015


Danube Arena
FINA World Championship
Budapest 2017

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